The LA Times Says Cooley is "Enlightened", We Just Think He's Liberal

June 6th, 2010

Don't you love it when liberal newspaper editorial boards tell conservative Republicans how they should vote?

If so, you'll really enjoy the final recommendation of the Los Angeles Times, who reiterates their support for Steve Cooley for Attorney General because of his "enlightened" view of California's tough "Three Strikes" law.

Even more shocking is the LA Times didn't even pause to reconsider their support for Cooley, one day after their own paper carried a chilling story about how Cooley's refusal to prosecute a career criminal under "Three Strikes" - a thug previously convicted of rape and burglary - led to the murder of a teenage girl.

John Eastman, one of the leading conservative constitutional law attorneys in the nation and a noted defender of the First Amendment would tell us, of course, that the liberals at the LA Times has the right to recommend who they want. But we have a right to ignore them and make a better choice.

We all know that choice is John Eastman. One of the nation's top conservative legal minds, John will restore the constitutional limits on government size and power to our state and nation. He'll enforce "Three Strikes" and other tough-on-crime measures, support Prop 8 to defend traditional marriage and Prop 187 to fight illegal immigration that our current and previous Attorneys General have refused to defend, block illegal tax increases, join lawsuits to block the federal health care takeover, and get our state prison system under control and out of the hands of activist federal judges.

The choice for Attorney General is clear. Send the liberals at the Los Angeles Times a message - vote for John Eastman for Attorney General on Tuesday.

Jeff Flint,
Campaign Strategist

PS - While you're waiting to send them a message by voting for John on Tuesday, you can send a message today by making a contribution to help us pay for our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) programs.  We'll be making tens of thousands of calls and visiting thousands of voters...we need your help.  Thank you!

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