The Campaign for Our Agenda Continues

June 9th, 2010

Dear Friend and Supporter:

I have to thank you again so much for all that you did to support and encourage me in my campaign for Attorney General of California.

While the results were not quite as good as we hoped, we can be very proud of our efforts.  Against a three-term District Attorney from the largest county in the state, who out spent us by nearly 3 to 1, we came close.  We won twelve counties in California, and closed to within 13 percent.  I would like to think that, if we had a chance to run against Mr. Cooley one-on-one, we might have prevailed.

We closed the final weeks of the campaign, and nearly ran even with Steve Cooley on Election Day votes. But his margin among early voters, before we had fully got our message out, was too large to overcome.

More important that the results, I believe, were the issues we raised in the campaign.  My campaign, and your support, was centered on a belief that to restore the Golden State, we must restore Founding Principles.  We must re-establish the rule of law and the notion that the size, scope and power of our government is limited by the Constitution. Indeed, to “Secure the Blessings of Liberty,” these limits must be adhered to so we can regain freedom and prosperity. 

When I called Mr. Cooley last night to congratulate him, I urged him to adopt these themes in his general election campaign against the Democrat nominee, ultra-liberal Kamala Harris of San Francisco.  I told Steve that if he were to adopt the agenda of constitutionalism in his campaign, along with his law-and-order credentials, he would be a sure winner.  He assured me he would.

There is no doubt in my mind that we ran the right kind of campaign. And we were only able to do so because of you.  You contributed the funds, you walked the precincts, you called the voters, attended the rallies, and distributed the fliers that helped us spread the word. My family and I and our entire campaign team are eternally grateful for all you did to help us.

And so while my campaign for Attorney General ends this morning, the campaign for our agenda does not.  We must restore federalism, fight unconstitutional pension spikes, fight illegal immigration, protect marriage, defend small businesses from excessive regulation and litigation, and; comprehensively, restore the constitutional limits on government, to bring our state back.

I encourage you all to stay engaged in that fight, and with your permission, I will stay in touch to let you know how we can all continue to fight to bring back California.

Thank you again and God bless you.

John Eastman

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