CANDIDATES’ NUMEROUS CASES ON BEHALF OF TAXPAYERS, PROP 13 CITEDJohn Eastman’s campaign for Attorney General earned the endorsement today... Read More
The nation’s most listened-to conservative, Christian talk show host, Frank Pastore, has added his name to the quickly growing list of... Read More
By Chris RizoLegal NewslineBUENA PARK, Calif. (Legal Newsline)- California attorney general candidate John Eastman on Sunday got conservatives' seal... Read More
By Chris EmamiRed County In a meeting that went almost 3.5 hours beyond the scheduled ending time, the CRA endorsements for the 2010... Read More
By Jon FleischmanFlash ReportDelegates to the California Republican Assembly's convention endorsed Steve Poizner for Governor and Chuck DeVore for... Read More
The California Republican Assembly, California’s largest volunteer organization and dubbed by Ronald Reagan as the “conscience of the... Read More
Today, four long-serving and widely respected Orange County political leaders – Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Congressman John Campbell,... Read More
“As the Supreme Court takes up the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago today, law abiding citizens are hopeful that the Court will issue a... Read More
John Eastman’s campaign for Attorney General today announced the endorsement of former Governor and Attorney General George Deukmejian, adding... Read More
John Eastman for AG appears on Headline News on Feb. 25, 2010 to talk about his campaign and a number of important issues facing Californians... Read More
In a major development in the Republican Primary race for Attorney General, today five of the country’s most widely listened to and respected... Read More
BY CHRIS RIZOLegal Newsline LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline)-Jack Pitney, a leading authority on California politics, had it right last month when he... Read More
John Eastman’s campaign for Attorney General received a major boost today, announcing that Congressman Tom McClintock, one of the most... Read More
Ed Whelan National Review Online, Bench Memos Blog My native state of California has suffered so much from attorney general Jerry Brown’s... Read More
The John Eastman for Attorney General campaign today called on his two primary opponents, State Senator Tom Harman and Los Angeles County District... Read More
Laura talks with John Eastman, candidate for Attorney General on California's bid to dump dangerous criminals on America.Click here to listen to the... Read More
Rick Reiff: A Chapman University law professor and one of this show's legal experts is getting into politics big time. Why is John Eastman running... Read More
BY CHRIS RIZO, Legal NewslineSACRAMENTO, Calif. (Legal Newsline)- Retroactive pension increases paid to some retired public employees in California... Read More
CA AG Candidate on Repealing Pension Increases- California Attorney General Republican Candidate John Eastman argues California’s public... Read More
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