Continuing to build momentum, John Eastman’s campaign for Attorney General today reports that the Elk Grove Republicans have given their... Read More
We stand at a crossroads in our state’s and nation’s history.  President Ronald Reagan referred to a similar historic moment as a... Read More
This just in from FR friend and candidate for Attorney General John Eastman on the recent controversy surrounding the decision by the State of... Read More
President Barack Obama says that the new Arizona immigration law threatens “to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as... Read More
From Jeff Flint, John Eastman for AG Campaign Strategist Key Political Blogs Follow Report that Eastman Leads Attorney General Race in Latest... Read More
FlashReport friend and contributor Adam Probolsky reports that FR friend John Eastman is leading the race for the Republican nomination for Attorney... Read More
By FRANK MICKADEITCOLUMNISTTHE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTERfmickadeit@ocregister.comI dinged former Chapman law school dean John Eastman pretty good the... Read More
Posted By: Marisa Lagos The vast majority of primary voters on both sides are still undecided, but the campaigns of San Francisco District Attorney... Read More
I'm writing with exciting, breaking news! Adam Probolsky of Probolsky Research is reporting today that his latest statewide polling indicates that... Read More
Critical public school free speech and association rights are at stake in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court today. The Court’s decision will... Read More
Former Law School Dean John Eastman Credited With Raising Schools Prestige, Quality Chapman University’s School of Law has for the first time... Read More
Courtesy of John Eastman for Attorney General campaign supporters on YouTube. John speaks at the Santa Ana Tax Day/Tea Party rally on taking back the... Read More
Justice Stevens announced his retirement last week.  Now the sixty-four thousand dollar question: Who will President Obama appoint to replace... Read More
As I drive around on Tax Day/Tea Party day, going from rally to rally and speaking to assembled crowds concerned about a government out of control,... Read More
Some people get in a hole and just can't seem to help themselves - they keep on digging. Take Steve Cooley, for instance. Everyone in politics knows... Read More
John Eastman, candidate for Attorney General in California, will criss cross Southern and Central California over the next 3 days, headlining Tax... Read More
The Sacramento Bee had a major expose Sunday on the ticking time bomb that is our public employee pension system. The Gray Davis-initiated... Read More
BY sdnr staff     Tuesday, 13 April 2010 07:58  John Eastman on why he's running for Attorney General: I ran a... Read More
Continuing to build momentum for his campaign, John Eastman’s campaign for Attorney General today reports that two leaders of the Los Angeles... Read More
This came over the transom this morning from Jeff Flint, campaign strategist for Attorney General candidate John Eastman:Dear Friend,I am pleased to... Read More
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