Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, a leading national advocacy group against raising taxes, penned a column this morning... Read More
A major debate tonight of candidates for Attorney General, expected to generate significant press coverage, is being dodged by LA District Attorney... Read More
Truly preposterous. The Attorney General of the United States was all over the media last week blasting the Arizona immigration law that he now... Read More
From Jeff Flint, John Eastman Campaign StrategistSteve Cooley is out again, bragging about how he has "swept" the newspaper editorial endorsements,... Read More
The most interesting race that isn't drawing much attention outside the state is former Chapman University Law School dean John Eastman's quest to... Read More
Flip-Flopping on Proposition 8 Steve Cooley Now Says AG should defend Prop. 8, but Just Three Months ago, Praised Jerry Brownfor Not Defending... Read More
Constitutional Law Attorney Says Recent Supreme Court Ruling for Keeping Cross near Federal Lands was a Victory for Appropriate Placement of... Read More
In this April 15th clip, John Eastman speaks to fellow tea partiers at an Oceanside tea party rally on why he is running for Attorney General... Read More
The Fresno County Lincoln Club voted unanimously to endorse Constitutional Law Attorney and former Chapman University Dean John Eastman in his... Read More
Larry Gilbert posted this in Fresh Juice on May 6th, 2010As all registered voters have received Voter Guides for the June 8th Primary Election it is... Read More
The Jerry Brown Disaster in California California Political Review’s panel of experts speculates on the Golden State’s future if voters... Read More
Today is the National Day of Prayer, when the president invites the public to "turn to God in prayer and meditation." It has been required by law... Read More
The race for California Attorney General is drawing sharp barbs from both the Cooley and the Eastman campaign. In an email sent to supporters, Jeff... Read More
posted by Martin Wisckol, Politics reporterA panel discussion dubbed “Border Control Now!” – and open to the public – will be... Read More
From Jeff Flint, John Eastman For AG Campaign StrategistThere’s something to be admired about a front-running political campaign, firing on all... Read More
We’d characterize this as BREAKING NEWS…except it’s not really a surprise. The editorial page of the Sacramento Bee, one of... Read More
Eastman Victory Overturns Portion of Long Beach Campaign Finance Ordinance Which Unconstitutionally Limited Participation in Independent Expenditure... Read More
Respected Law Blogger Eugene Volokh Endorses John Eastman for Attorney GeneralI just contributed to Prof. John Eastman’s campaign for... Read More
Watch this October 2009 interview with John Eastman by Gwen Ifell on the U.S. Patriot Act and its role in National Security.... Read More
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