Help Me Continue the Fight

June 17th, 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Well, here we are. Election day plus one week. My children are finishing their junior and freshman years in High School, and we actually had some time together this past week to plot out a small vacation for us this summer. A quiet and hopefully relaxing trip to the lovely city of Santa Fe, where my wife was raised. But before we go, my daughter will be performing as a guest soloist with the Pasadena Summer Youth Chamber Orchestra on Sunday evening, June 27, at 7:30 p.m. For those of you in the area, please join us if you are able; the concert is open to the public and Free!  Details here.

I have also spent a good portion of the past week recuperating from the break-neck pace we kept over the past five months as we traveled to every part of this state, taking to the voters our message of constitutional fidelity as the most likely path to resolution of the State's many self-inflicted woes. A nasty head cold caught up with me, but as the fog of that clears, I am already giving serious thought to next steps-there is simply too much at stake for us not to continue to press for a restoration of constitutional government, one limited in its purposes and confined to its means.

Rest assured, we will find many opportunities to work together again in the future, whether it be another bid for elective office, or an expanded litigation strategy through the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, or something else as yet unimagined. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I need your help with closing the books on this campaign. We raised an amazingly strong sum of money in this effort, nearly $650,000 in a little over four months, but as the final bills come in, we have somewhere around $30,000 in expenses still to cover. You have all been extremely generous with your time and treasure in these past months, so I hope I can count on you, hopefully one final time, to contribute just a little bit more and help us retire that debt.

A quick debt retirement will demonstrate to business and political leaders around the state that we intend to see this fight through. Our strong showing on election day is already quite the buzz, because it demonstrated just how much traction the constitutional issues we were raising have. Ballots are still being counted, but as of yesterday, Steve Cooley had 47.3%, I had 34.4%, or more than 600,000 votes, and Tom Harman had 18.5% of the vote in the Republican primary. For a political novice, that's not bad!  Indeed, as additional ballots are counted I am getting ever closer to surpassing the vote total received by the Democrat nominee for Attorney General, Kamala Harris!  (Ironically, if Proposition 14 had been in effect, that would have resulted in a runoff between me and Steve Cooley in November, with no Democrat on the ballot at all!).

Later this month, my Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence will be filing a major brief challenging the legality of retroactive pension spikes. We have opened up a whole new front in the battle over illegal immigration, reminding elected officials across the state that many of them are still obligated to enforce Proposition 187. And we stand ready to respond in the Proposition 8 litigation no matter which way the federal court rules after the final hearing yesterday.

Will you help me clear the deck on the past campaign so that I can turn my full attention to the constitutional issues we still confront? Can you send $500, $250, $100, or even $50 today to close this chapter and help me begin a new one with earnest? I am deeply grateful for the support you have already provided, and thank you in advance for your consideration of this debt requirement request.

With best wishes,

John Eastman

P.S.  As an added inducement, I will send an autographed copy of the book I co-authored, "Bringing Justice to the People: The Story of the Freedom-Based Public Interest Law Movement," to every debt-retirement donation of $250 or more.  

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