Eastman Campaign for Attorney General Peaking at the Right Time as More Conservative Groups and Leaders Endorse

June 7th, 2010

John Eastman’s campaign for Attorney General is peaking headed into Election Day, as more and more conservative leaders, bloggers, and commentators sign on to the campaign. With nearly half of GOP Primary voters still undecided, and many even vote-by-mail voters holding their ballots until the last minute, the campaign on the upswing on Election Day will win.  That campaign is John Eastman’s.

Today, Eastman’s campaign announced the endorsement of Robyn Nordell, a well known political blogger and proponent of conservative values. Nordell, among other activities, runs a widely read site for conservative home school parents.

“I am thrilled to not only endorse John Eastman, but to also name him my favorite candidate for the 2010 California statewide election cycle,” says Nordell. “John has spent his career defending the freedoms that we all value and I cannot imagine a better-qualified, more-prepared individual to lead our state out of the economic and constitutional crisis it’s in.”

               “Robyn Nordell has great passion not only for the political process, but to ensure that the
                public is properly educated about the issues and candidates running for office,” responded 
                Eastman. “It is an honor to have the support of someone who is so relentlessly dedicated
                to the protection of individual freedoms as they are described in our nation’s constitution.”

                Nordell’s announcement highlights a continually growing list of conservative leaders,
                bloggers and online commentary that have also voiced their support for John as California’s
                next AG campaign. Since our last update on new media activism for the campaign, we list
                here a small sampling of new bloggers and supporters signing up for Eastman. 

Central Valley Tea Party: “The fine team of constitutional candidates is their endorsed candidates to fit the needs of Californians., If we want to restore our constitutional rights, and keep our freedom. This is the team that can and will do it for you. All three core values of the Central Valley Tea Party can only be accomplished with our constitutional rights.”

San Luis Obispo Lincoln Club: “Our goal is to endorse candidates that are consistent with our principals of lower taxes, smaller, more efficient government and more personnel freedom.”

Red State Blog: “All I have to go on is Hugh Hewitt’s endorsement and Tom McClintock said this about him; “John Eastman has spent a lifetime fighting for the values that define conservatism and the rule of law. After four years of Jerry Brown, I can think of no one I would rather have as Attorney General than John Eastman.”; I’ll take McClintock’s word. He also endorsed DeVore.

American and Proud Blog: “Best man in the race by far! Should be Governor soon…And by the way he’s been talking should be President of the US.”

The Audacity of Reason Blog: “My experience with John Eastman convinces me that he possesses the skills, experience, intelligence, ideas, and character necessary to brilliantly serve as California's next Attorney General.”

Harrolds Blog: “Make no mistake…John Eastman is one of us! John Eastman is on our side! I strongly urge you to vote for John Eastman for California Attorney General on June 8th!!!”

Rosemary’s Thoughts Blog: “This is only candidate who actually knows the Constitution and will apply it for ‘We The People’ and not the politicians.” “A True Conservative Worthy of Our Support for California Attorney General.”

John Herrington, former U.S. Secretary of Energy

Angela “Bay” Buchana, former Treasurer of the U.S.

Jim Battin, former California Assemblyman

Congressman John Lewis, former California Senator and Assembly member

National Organization for Marriage

Family Action PAC

Ward Connerly, Former University of California Regent

William Allen, Former Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Gail Harriot, Commissioner, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Chad Mayes, Yucca Valley Mayor

Paul Talbot, Former Mayor of Alhambra

Jeff Kelogg, former Vice Mayor, City of Long Beach

Tom Tait, Former Anaheim City Councilman and presumptive favorite for Anaheim Mayor

California Prolife Council

Brad Dacus, President, Pacific Justice Institute

Brian Kennedy, President, Claremont Institute

This long list of endorsements joins other top conservative leaders and talk show hosts who have given their support to John Eastman’s campaign for Attorney General including Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Bill Bennett, Hugh Hewitt, Frank Pastore and Dennis Prager.

They are joined by many other prominent conservative leaders in supporting Eastman, including former US Attorney General Ed Meese, former Governor George Deukmejian, Congressman Tom McClintock, and David Stirling, among others. A full listing of Eastman’s supporters can be viewed at

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